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Being a seasoned traveller I have separated the essentials from the non essentials. My argument this time is against shampoo and hair washing. So now it is mid July 2011, the last time I washed my hair was April 2010. I found shampoo an unessential item to carry, and the small amount of weight it excludes from my backpack is greater than it seems. As I started excluding items the total weight increases. Ok so some may think that a few kilograms is no big deal but when you are in the middle of Honduras or Bosnia in the middle of summer sweating profusely with your shoulders aching from the weight and your feet feeling like they are about to give way the few kilograms starts to take its toll.
So before I travel again I will exclude the non essential items, shampoo included, and when you see me, or another traveller like me walking along with a bounce in our step remember about those few extra kilograms you packed and discard the shampoo, you will be all the better for it.

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The long wait

6 Weeks

So I'm sitting here tired after another days work. It seems not too long ago when I was in South America even though it was over 13 weeks ago, but now I only have 6 more weeks of work left followed by 2 weeks of relaxation in Toronto, Canada, which has been my summer home for the last 2 summers, and my financial savior. So in a few short months I will be off again on the Extended Weekend Getaway, as I have named it. This will take me from Toronto to Montreal, then back to Toronto before I head off to Iceland, England, Morocco, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Some highlights of the trip include the Sahara Desert, Oktoberfest in Munich, the magnificent natural beauty of Iceland and the hustle and bustle of one of the cleanest cities in the world, Singapore.

I have already been to 39 countries on 6 different trips so I know that 6 weeks will pass by extremely fast as long as I dont get bored and continue to keep busy.

I feel more prepared than ever to travel, and as any other seasoned traveller will tell you, I already have ideas for my next journeys, but they will be different to anything I have done before and I will push the boundaries a little more every time, inching towards those regions, sights, and villages that are just that little bit more dangerous, that little bit further off the beaten track and are visited by fewer and fewer people.

But for now I must concentrate on the the Extended Weekend Getaway. It is going to be a blast.

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